Blue Moon — It’s a Two-Volume Set!

Yes, well, I'm not in Blue Moon Magic–or Blue Moon Enchantment for that matter. I'm highly miffed at my scribe for choosing a mule and a chicken (of all creatures!) instead of me. Can you believe that??? Ah, but since she's working so hard on my book (in which I'm the leading lady, of course), I will tell you about the next book she and her sister Highalnd Press authors are releasing.

When Mules Rush In

Do you ever wonder what happened to Merlin, the sorcerer to King Arthur? He’s back on the Old West, only now he’s a matchmaking mule, who’s about to get his own romantic come-uppance.

Highland Press is pleased to announce the release of their newest anthologies, Blue Moon Magic and Blue Moon Enchantment. A Blue Moon only happens once every two years., a time when magical things can happen.

What might happen when you wish upon a Blue Moon?

You'll just have to read these books to find out. Each book contains 15 stories of magical moments inspired by a Blue Moon. Added bonus: Dawn Thompson's story in Blue Moon Magic has a sequel in Blue Moon Enchantment!

Available at:


Barnes & Noble

Highland Press

Or by special order at an independent bookstore near you!

or . . . Request it at your local library!




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