PODCAST: Hope for NF!

Neurofibromatosis Radiothon

Passionate Internet Voices Radio Children's Tumor Foundation, ending neurofibromatosis through research

Date: January 31, 2008
Time: 2pm to 6pm Eastern Time (11am to 3pm Pacific Time)
Place: Passionate Internet Voices Radio
Hostess: Jacquie Rogers, author of Faery Special Romances

Guests from the Children’s Tumor Foundation
John Risner, President
Kim Hunter-Schaedle, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Featured Doctors and Scientists
Dr. Hubert Weinberger
Dr. John Slopis
Dr. David Gutmann
Dr. Scott Plotkin
Dr. David Viskochil
Dr. Tom Roland
Dr. Jim Tonsgard

Featured Guests Who Life with Neurofibromatosis
Mercedes Rice
Laurie Smith
Jennifer Walsh
Jerry Willman

The two 2-hour programs will be aired back to back.

Special thanks to Lillian Cauldwell of Passionate Internet Voices Radio for donating the airtime and resources, as well as helping out in every area. You’re the greatest!

Coming up: Daily Life with NF, to be aired in May, Neurofibromatosis Awareness Month.

Please join us!


Princess Keely, Star of Faery Special Romances

Jacquie Rogers *** Myspace *** Bebo *** Faery World

Faery Special Romances (See the book video)
Royalties go to Children’s Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through Research

Coming in 2008: Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues by Jacquie Rogers


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