Looking Ahead

It’s June. While the Northeast is cooking, it’s cold June in the Pacific Northwest, the coldest since they started keeping records in 1894! My tomatoes haven’t grown even a smidgen since I planted them a month ago. Nevertheless, summer is coming (we hope).

But I’m a writer, and everything writers do is for a project that won’t come to fruition for months or sometimes years ahead. So what did I work on this week?

Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues–to be released this fall from Highland Press. Not only did my editor and I work on the manuscript, but I’ve been working on the book video. And good news–my niece’s bf, who wrote the theme song for my book video, just signed a recording contract! Check out Justin Saragueta on myspace. He’s awesome. (So’s my niece!)

Faery Merry Christmas–yes, a Christmas novella featuring the faery princess and matchmaker, Keely.

Looking ahead to 2009:

I’m working on a pirate novella for Love on a Dead Man’s Chest with Cynthia Breeding and Deborah MacGillivray. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover:

Love on a Dead Man's Chest

Next project: Romancing the Dragon. I’m so looking forward to writing the pirate and the dragon novellas. 🙂

And, of course, there’re the ongoing projects that I’m writing on spec. I really love these stories!


Princess Keely, Star of Faery Special Romances

Faery Special Romances *** Book Video
Royalties go to Children’s Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through Research

Jacquie Rogers *** Myspace *** Bebo *** Faery World

Coming soon: Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues

Down Home Ever Lovin' Mule Blues

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