Socrates Sez

is a minature mule and the star of

Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues
by Jacquie Rogers

Copyright (c) 2008 Jacquie Rogers

Humans are so stubborn.

never let it be said that we mules don’t take care of our humans. Mine
is Brody Alexander. I’m Socrates, master of cogitation and entertainer
of both large and small children.

patience is required to endure Brody’s obstinance. Granted, we john
mules do have it easier than men. We don’t have this hormone thing
going on so we don’t spend our lives trying to make little mules.

gives us lots more time to cogitate. And believe me, I can think of a
few more species who could do with a little thoughtful uncommon sense.

males, for instance. Why, they seem to spend every waking hour thinking
about sex, getting sex, or being disappointed by not having sex.

how I see it. Except I left one thing out—human males need more than
sex. They need love. My human could use a little loving these days.
Why, he’s been moping around worse than a porcupine on a bad hair day.

where the cogitating comes in. If testosterone hadn’t clouded Brody’s
thinking, he’d already know what he needs. Funny thing, those hormones.

way I see it, my job is to help his brain listen to his other
parts—especially his heart. And I have the answer. Yes, sir, I do. I
just saw a pretty little filly drive down the road, the very same one
who mooned over Brody ten years ago.

It’s time for action.

what happens to Brody when Socrates puts his plan into action. Perseus
the Australian Shepherd and Guinnevere the skunk are gung-ho to help,
along with the neighbor dog, Beauty (bloodhound/collie mix).

May your saddle never slip!


Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Blues

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Royalties go to Children’s Tumor Foundation, ending Neurofibromatosis through Research
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