A Djubilant Return for the Great Djinn!

Rowena Cherry



ISBN: 0-505-52740-5

Those of us who loved Forced Mate and
Insufficient Mating Material could hardly wait for the release of Rowena
Cherry’s latest sensual futuristic romance replete with hilarious chess puns and
hunky Great Djinn.

Queen Electra-Djerroldina must bear a green-eyed heir,
and soon, so she picks super sperminator (Cherry calls him a superimpregnator)
Djarrhett, Saurian Knight and enemy of her husband, Viz-Igerd of Volmoth. Always
ready to find a way to stir up trouble to his own benefit, her brother, Emporer
Tarrant-Arragon sends her and ‘Rhett to earth. She works her wiles on him and
hoo-baby, is he ever tempted, but ‘Rhett not only won’t donate his sperm, he’s a
virgin. Then there’s the little problem of the chastity belt she wears–and no

As one of my favorite characters, an earthling named Grievous said,
“The problem with your bloody Great Djinn gene pool is that there’s no lifeguard
on duty.”

Knight’s Fork is fun, sexy, fast-paced, and very clever. Rowena
Cherry’s talent shines once again, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next
book in the series. There’s nothing like a Great Djinn god to spice up your day!
I highly recommend this book!

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