Join Jacquie


and friends!


June 17 – 19, 2016

Silver City, Idaho




Full Registration fee: $50 per reader, $10 for each family member.
Example: Jill ReaderOrAuthor, husband, and two children would be $50+$30=$80.

Saturday only fee: $25 per reader, $5 for each family member.
Example: Jill Local and husband for Saturday only would be $25+$5=$30.

Send payment via PayPal to  Please use the Friends and Family option or else include an extra $2 for the PayPal service charge.

* Will you be staying at the Idaho Hotel? (Register early!)
* If camping, will you need assistance to find rental equipment?  Chelle Gluch can help you.
* Will you bring a western costume? (optional, but please say yes!)
* Are you willing to volunteer?  (only registrants are eligible)

Rooms: Book your room as soon as possible, because if they’re all booked, we get the run of the entire hotel!  If no one answers the phone, call again.  The owners do all the work themselves so they miss calls sometimes. 208-583-4104  Winter months: 208-863-4768.

Meals: You can bring your own food (campers might opt to do this) or the Idaho Hotel has a full service restaurant.  If you have special dietary needs, please inform the owners at least a week ahead of time (but if you make a request, please order it during your stay).  There is no corner grocery store, so if you don’t let them know, it won’t be available.

Camping: Chelle Gluch will coordinate the campers, so if you need help, let her know by Facebook message.

There will be time Saturday morning for trail rides and historical tours.

Trail rides: Book through Paul Nettleton

Historic tours: Chelle Gluch will guide a tour of the surrounding area for a nominal fee.  There may be other tour guides as well.  Go to the Facebook event page for updates.

Shopping: Yes, there’s shopping!  You can find oodles of great items (including the Hearts of Owyhee series) in Pat’s What Not shop.





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