Jacquie’s Great Holiday Contest Fest: Week 11!

December 14, 2007

Congratulations to racro10. She’s won A Wish In Time by Laurel Bradley!

And you can win, too. Next drawing: December 19!

All you have to do is sign up for Keely’s Contest and News Group. Just go to http://www.jacquierogers.com and click on Contest.

Time for a little holiday cheer. The next winner will receive:

One Faery Special Romances T-Shirt

Four packages of Faery Good Bath Salts

A Faery Special Romances Calendar Magnet

Postcard of my scribe’s new book cover:

Down Home Ever Lovin’ Mule Bues


In Her Bed (The Dragons of Challon, Book 2) by Deborah MacGillivray

“Deborah writes as if she’s been in Medieval Scotland and can somehow, magically, take you back there with her to stand amidst the heather and mist of another time. This is breathtaking beautiful, award-caliber writing.” ~~New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands

In Her Bed

Read an excerpt and view the book video

All this great stuff, plus, you never know what my sister is likely to throw in the box. That girl does like to shop. 🙂

And while you’re at my website, join the fun with the Name That Christmas Carol contest! It’s on the contest page, and you could win even more fabulous prizes.

Good luck!


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Kindle or Sony–Which eReader is Best for You?

November 26, 2007

I don’t have an e-reader and I want one. Why?

  • Unfortunately, I need large print.
  • I don’t like to haul around tons of books with me.
  • My house keeps getting smaller and smaller every time we buy more bookcases, yet still there are stacks of books all over the place.

Both my husband and I love books. His peepers are better than mine, but I’m sure he’d rather carry one e-reader with him on the plane rather than four paperback books . . . and then find out that he didn’t want to read those books after all. And yes, you have to put these books somewhere. We had so many books that we had to move to a larger house, and now this house is getting too small.

What to do? Buy an e-reader.

So while we’re cogitating on the available choices, Amazon comes out with the Kindle. New? Hardly. Sony has used the same kind of display for a year and their newly released model is probably much better quality than the Kindle. What are the pros and cons? Here’s the gist of the conversations between my husband and I.

The Kindle costs $400.
The Sony costs $300.
Winner: Sony

The Kindle has wireless technology that allows uploading books in less than a minute.
The Sony requires a connection to your computer, same as all the rest of the e-readers.
Winner: Kindle

The Kindle shops exclusively at Amazon.
The Sony takes uploads from your computer, so you’re free to shop anywhere.
Winner: Sony

You can enlarge the print on a Kindle.
You can enlarge the print on a Sony, but there are problems with some formats.
Winner: Kindle, but close to a draw

With Kindle, there’s no encoding so you can borrow books from your local library.
With Sony, you can easily borrow books from the library.
Winner: Sony

With Kindle, you’re dependent on wireless technology, so you must be in a coverage area to buy books. What happens if you’re in Outer Mongolia where there are few cell towers?
With Sony, you upload from your home computer only, so it doesn’t matter.
Winner: Six of one, half dozen of the other

Wow, with heavy hitters in the market, e-books will become more and more common. There are plenty of other reasons why we should go to ebooks.

  • The stripping and return of huge quantities of books is environmentally detrimental, and financially disastrous business model. (Have you seen a store clerk strip an entire dumpster full of books? It makes you sick to your stomach, and it happens hundreds of times every single day.)
  • More and more people are developing allergies to dust, and can’t have print books in their homes.
  • Many babyboomers are requiring large print.
  • With more people traveling from country to country, it’s easier to find reading material.
  • e-books don’t take nearly as much storage space as print books do.

Of course, I love books. Print books. I love the feel of the paper and the smell of the ink. I don’t think print books will go away anytime soon, but it’s time for a new option. We have two good options available that I’m familiar with, and there are many others that I don’t know about, but that people swear by.

What about you?


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October 12, 2007

We have a Winner for Christmas Wishes!
All winners are posted on my website within a few days after the end of the contest.

Next drawing: October 17, 2007. Be sure to sign up for Keely’s list now!
You could win the second Highland Press Holiday Anthology, Holiday in the Heart!

Holiday in the Heart

12 Stories from 12 Authors, ranging from very old-fashioned holidays cheer to more modern tales of love, romance and wishes. The power to believe can work miracles – wishes can come true…love heals hearts. A two book set – with story sequels from authors Leanne Burroughs and Deborah Macgillivray to the first book in the set Christmas Wishes. The two books in tradesize paperback make a winning Christmas gift.

Leanne Burroughs
Candace Gold
Keelia Greer
Heather Hiestand
Victoria Houseman
Anna Kathryn Lanier
Deborah Macgillivray
Rachel Michaels
Aleka Nakis
Kemberlee Shortland
Diane D. White
Michele Ann Young

If you’re a member of Keely’s list, then you’re already entered. If not, join now!

To see all the weeks’ prizes of the Great Holiday Contest Fest, go to my website and click on Contest.

Good Luck!


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