Win! Christmas Wishes from Highland Press

October 4, 2007

Christmas Wishes

from Highland Press
# ISBN-10: 0974624918
# ISBN-13: 978-0974624914

Christmas stories guaranteed to delight!

Discover the pure joy of the Christmas season. With Christmas Wishes magic is possible…especially love.   Make a Wish!

12 Authors, 12 Stories
Christmas past to Christmas present
Guaranteed to Delight!

All I want for Christmas is a Hula-Hoop…and a Mother by Deborah MacGillivray

Once Upon a Snowflake by Shelli Stevens

The Christmas Store
by Ann Marie Bradley

In Time for Christmas
by Cheryl Alldredge

Love’s Eternal Hope
by Amber Dawn Bell

Christmas at Home
by Leanne Burroughs

Operation Family
by Billie Warren Chai

The Patient Gift
by Patty Howell

The Gift of You
by Kimberly Ivey

Joy’s Christmas Wishes
by Gerri Bowen

The Christmas Wish
by Rebecca Andrews

Miracles and Mistletoe
by Kimberly Grant

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