Faery Special Romances by Jacquie Rogers

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Faery Special Romances

Jacquie Rogers


ROMANCE THROUGH THE AGES ..… with a magical twist

What do a knight, a smuggler, an English lord, a cowboy, and a Roaring 20s Flapper have in common? Faery magic! These are just a few of the characters who will take you on a magical ride through history in ten delightful new romances by Jacquie Rogers. Each story takes place at a different time in history, and each story features a faery in the guise of a human.

W ith deft skill and her trademark wicked sense of humor, Ms. Rogers whisks you away to a place where anything can happen—especially when faeries are involved. The one constant is that true love always triumphs. All else is up for grabs.

What they’re saying about Faery Special Romances:

Brilliantly magical! Ms. Rogers’ special brand of humor and imagination will have you believing in faeries from page one. Absolutely enchanting! ~Dawn Thompson, author of The Ravencliff Bride and The Waterlord~

on Jacquie Rogers’ FAERY GOOD ADVICE, No Law Against Love Anthology, Highland Press, 2006

Faery Special Romances is available from:
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See Jacquie’s other titles on her website’s Books page.


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